Why Choose G&G Lambskins?

About Lambskins / Sheepskins


There are a number of lambskin or sheepskin brands on the market, so what is the difference between them all? 


The phrase "you get what you pay for" is truly relevant here. Sheepskins come from a number of countries / regions including the UK / Europe, South America, Australia and NZ. There are many different quality grades and many different breeds and also a number of ways to tan the skins. Merino sheep produce the finest and softest wool in the world. This is the best type of wool that you can put next to your baby's skin.


"Merino wool fibres are extremely fine, enabling them to bend far more than traditional, coarser wool fibres. This makes Merino wool feel soft and luxuriously gentle next to your skin." ~ The woolmark Company. The World's leading authority on wool. 


Coarser wools such as those from UK and European sheep are thicker and coarser and the fibres do not bend as easily as Merino. The result is that the wool is irritating and itchy. Furthermore, research has shown that Merino wool next to the skin is beneficial to babies who suffer from eczema and reduces symptoms.



At Gabe & Grace we design and manufacture our own range using ONLY the finest "first" top grade Australian and New Zealand MERINO lambskins that are silky soft and certified for infant use. We have enough experience to know that there is no higher grade or specification that exists in the world. We have chosen this route so that we are able to satisfy our own high expectations in order to meet your demands. 


The main differences between G&G lambskins from other skins on the market is that Gabe & Grace lambskins are generously denser and softer with a deeper, pile.


The picture is a side view showing the deep soft pile of the G&G skin above and below it, the more curly, wiry appearance and rougher texture of another brand. We only allow top grade "first" skins through our doors and not the cheaper, "budget", or "economy" versions, otherwise known as Grade B skins or seconds. They are certified for baby use and will last many years when cared for following our washing instructions.


Another point of difference is that we make very clear in our descriptions when a product is made from a full skin and hence labelled as  “Luxury”  or “Premium” quality and when a product is made from pieces of our luxury lambskin. This clarity is very often not the case with other suppliers. Where a product is made from pieces it is referred to in the trade as "patchwork". The simplest way to check if a product is patchwork is to look on the reverse where the stitching will either be revealed or will be covered by a cotton backing. The back of a full skin is evident as a single piece of pure suede / leather.


Unlike other brands currently available, at Gabe & Grace we ensure that our patchwork products are made from premium matching pieces and stitched so that the wool fibres are flowing in the same direction and the colour is uniform. This gives the liner for instance, the impression it is one piece and maintains the softness and depth of our premium product, whilst offering at a great price. 

G&G top tip: Always look out for baby safe tanning, optimum quality and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions



We have built up a solid reputation for supplying top quality, baby safe lambskins / medi-skins at affordable prices.

We only use the finest merino fleece known for it's softnest and dense fibres. We refuse to just find a supply and stick our name on the label. In order to maintain our standards we specify, select, design and produce our range that we are proud to call our own. As you can see we are passionate about our product and see ourselves as being more than just a business, we want to bring you the very best so that your baby and the whole family, can benefit from what we have to offer. 


What is more, we are passionate about wellbeing, comfort and safety. This is why when we make carry cot, cot bed, moses basket liners and toppers, we believe that one size cannot fit all. We insist on making your baby's sleeping environment as safe as possible and getting the size right is just as important as getting the right fitting mattress. 


We specialise in lambskins, with 10 years of knowledge and experience of the product that will give you the reassurance that we only sell the best and the safest we can make...In Veritas Fortis... You will find that we are able to talk knowledgeably, openly and transparently about our product.



Merino is well-known for its very soft, silky properties which offer your babies so many benefits. They can be used from birth, even with low weight babies, as the dense wool pile provides a comforting cushion effect helping to prevent pressure points. Young infants find it difficult to regulate their body temperature and lambskins help to do just that, keeping little ones warm in the cold and cool in the heat. We confidently recommend their use all year round. Being naturally antibacterial, repelling dirt means that they require minimal wshing.



Gabe & Grace luxury lambskin liners are mainly cut from one piece of premium skin. (We may stitch some bespoke shapes which are very large). Be wary of the quality of cheaper versions, where they could be a lower grade. We state where a product is patchwork, but have noticed that this is not the case with other suppliers, across the internet. 

Question if they are safely tanned without Chrome, Lead, Formaldehyde or other nasties. Ask if they are from lambs or older sheep from Europe or Australia as this will impact on the feel / quality. Cheaper methods of tanning results in a product which would not pass environmental or our own criteria for being baby safe.

Also, when shopping, check that you are comparing like for like. Merino is Merino! 

Lastly, every day we see sheepskins intended for floors being passed off as baby safe liners on auction sites. Medi skins are specified for babies for a reason!

We believe we have the highest spec and quality at very competitve prices.



Yes. The lambs are not just slaughtered for their skins, their meat enters the food chain.



We have a very wide range of bespoke liners. If you have a specific requirement, where you will need the liner to fit various seats, let us know, we love a challenge!



We have a bespoke service and are making liners to order. We need some basic information on the pram style you are wanting to fit and we will do our best to make it for you! 



Gabe & Grace lambskins are top grade and prepared for infant use which means they don't shed. Where we cut them fibres will be loose but once brushed they are ready to use. The do no "run" as a faux fur would. Shake and brush to keep it in tip top condition.



YES: However, we recommend washing only when badly soiled as it can be wiped clean for spills. Lambskins are very hygienic and self cleaning! We recommend the footmuffs to be dry cleaned because lambskins need to be stretched when they are drying and this cant be achieved with the footmuffs. PLEASE SEE OUR SHEEEPSKIN CARE PAGE FOR MORE DETAILS.



All Gabe & Grace lambskins can be used from newborn as we have developed the safer "Midi". Unlike the longer wool skins, midi can be used from birth. and provide much comfort for young infants. In carrycots and for bedtime, we recommend covering with a sheet so the lambskin stays in place. In the car seat and pram, your baby will love to lie directly on it. Our products do not need to be washed before use.