Ombra Midi Luxury Lambskin Baby Rug

Ombra Midi Luxury Lambskin Baby Rug
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Our luxury range just got even more luxurious! Indulge your baby in one of our new colours from our Accent Collection. It's a fact that Australian Merino is the finest and softest in the world and this is obvious when next to much courser, wiry European skins. The fibre thickness of Merino is less than half the thickness of a human hair. British and European wool fibres are much coarser, giving that spongy, coarse look and feel.

Ombra appears cool and light grey on the outside, but deepdown it has dark, midnight, navy hues, with a thick, dense pile: looks amazing in any nursery, giving it the designer touch! 

In addition we have shaped this very generously. The correct purchase decision now is made all that more important, knowing that your baby will benefit for years as they grow into it. 

The natural beauty and softness of Gabe and Grace Lambskin products are factors that set them apart from other brands. Our Grade A Merino lambskins are dense, yet fine and provide a luxurious, comforting and relaxing surrounding whilst on the move, or at home.

Research shows that babies tend to be calmer and more comfortable on lambskins while they spend much time lying down and thriving in their early months.


Key Points
Product CodeRUG19
ColourExquisite light grey with dark navy undertones (may vary)
Dimensions90+CM L (approx)
Pile LengthMidi wool length
Product CareFollow full washing instructions on label. Gently brush and shake before use. Light soiling can be wiped away. Heavy soiling, wash by hand or in machine with G&G wool wash. Leave to air dry inside, out of direct sunlight, or gently tumble dry, till damp. During drying process, gently pull and stretch into shape and shake rather than brush.