Bugaboo Style Sabbia SHORN Luxury Lambskin Pram Liner.

Bugaboo Style Sabbia SHORN Luxury Lambskin Pram Liner.
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This Sabbia Bugaboo style liner is truly stunning and will turn heads this season. 

Created to fit the Bugaboo Bee, (on the left), Donkey, Frog, Chameleon 3 (on the right) and all the generations. Safety velcro on the reverse. 

The natural beauty and softness of Gabe and Grace Lambskin products are factors that set them apart from other brands. Our Grade A Merino lambskins are dense, yet fine and provide a luxurious, comforting and relaxing surrounding whilst on the move, or at home.

Research shows that babies tend to be calmer and more comfortable on lambskins while they spend much time lying down and thriving in their early months.

The universal G&G range of liners, can be placed in the buggy, stroller or carry cot to give your baby all the health benefits that this beautiful Merino lambskin has to offer. 

The hood Lapelle in the image is sold separately

Key Points
Product CodeBUG020
ColourFresh golden colour
Pile LengthShorn
Shape & FitCreated universally to fit the Bee, Frog, and Donkey and new generation Chameleon 3.
Product CareCan be hand or machine washed on 30 degree cycle, using Gabe & Grace wool wash shampoo. Gentle soiling, wipe clean only. Air and brush regularly to maintain fluffy appearance.